Dear Amnon,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for helping us put together and execute a spectacular event in Israel!  We’ve received such wonderful feedback from our members saying it was one of the best events they’ve ever attended and each day of the program was better than the next.  I had a few people come up to me after the closing social to tell me it was the best social they had ever been to!  I received the same comments for Beit She’an as well! 

I know there were a lot of moving parts with this program, changes and pivots almost every hour it seemed, and we greatly appreciated your flexibility and help in each scenario.  Your partnership in executing this event was top notch!  This event was a success because of you and your team working behind the scenes to make everything go off without a hitch, so thank you.  It was amazing and I am forever grateful!



Date: December, 2022.

WSB  incentive event


Dear Amnon & Shlomi,

On behalf of my family and WSB, we thank you for gifting our team with WSB Super Trip

2019: Israel! You and your team went above and beyond to deliver an experience of a

lifetime for our 5,000 guests. We are still in awe of the feat you accomplished. Your

meticulous preparation and wonderful surprises made the trip so much more memorable.

The thought and detail that were put into this trip did not go unnoticed! Please express our utmost gratitude to all the people who made this possible at Eshet Incoming and Super Push.

You all made me, and 5,000 others, fall in love with Israel. This trip will stick with us for the rest of our lives.

With love and thanks,

Alicia Nguyen Vice Chairman, WSB USA

Date: September, 2019.

Eshet incentive event


Dear Amnon,

On behalf of Omnilife de Mexico, our distributors and staff we want to thank you and Eshet team for the wonderful experience we you provide us. Our International Trip 2019 to Israel has been one of the best trips that our company has organize and part of this success is thanks to Eshet’s expertise and professionalism. 

Even though our group was more than 3,000 participants every single one of them receive a personalized treatment, receiving information, help and support in Spanish, English and Portuguese 

There is no doubt that in our next visit to Israel, Eshet will be part of our team again. 

Once again thank you for all our hard work and support during our trip, 

Best Regards,

Christian Herrera Rosales Mice Manger 

Date: October 25th, 2019

Banco Daycoval  incentive event


Dear Amnon,

It’s time to celebrate the success of committed effort. Together we played a beautiful song.

It took months of hard work to offer something really unique. We had every day a new scenario and indescribable experiences. All the events were produced like a cinema production.

On a trip with this complexity, which requires impeccable planning, you need the commitment and dedication of many people. The involvement not only professionally but also personal to each is critical to the success of what you see and especially of the unseen and “just happens” invisibly throughout the trip.

All the realization of that dream was only possible because we found a company that was able to exactly understand the difference we would like to offer our guests. I was sure that Eshet was able to accomplish great events, but even so, I was surprised with the result of actual events and details that were offered at all the times of the trip.

This trip will be in my mind and in the mind of my guests forever!


Andreia Flores Perpetuo Banco Daycoval

Date: February, 2015

Bidvest event with local DMC Israel


Dear Amnon,

I can only say you guys are amazing! If Sofia says it, it is TRUE as she will never just say things for the sake of it! She has NEVER worked with such an amazing DMC as you guys so take that as the best compliment ever and be proud. I have to agree with her and from me personally, thank you!

The situation in build-up was not ideal with everyone away on leave and all you have done is just wait for final instructions and quickly and quietly actioned them – quite astounding and this attitude to your client and the project is one of the major factors of the huge success of this project! THANKS ALL OF YOU! You have set the bar so high that I am not sure we can go anywhere but Israel again next year!!!!! *wink*

Cheers Eshet – it was a tough one we all know that but it went so very, very well and ended one of the biggest successes!

Fondest love and hugs always.

Lois Graham, Bidvest World Wide 

Date: February, 2015

Plan your next trip corporate conference


Dear Anna,

Thank you for all you have done to make this trip a success.

Clients have been very happy, mostly in Jerusalem, which is a really wonderful place!

We will work hard to confirm more groups to Israel because we believe it’s a really worthy destination!

Hope to meet you soon again.

Gloria Binetti​, Sara Rosso Italy, Mice Manager



Dear Tania,

On behalf of our company , client and myself, please accept our sincere gratitude for professional and productive work that you done while arranging and coordinating conference for our VIP group. We truly appreciate all the time and care you invest. It was a great pleasure to work with you and receive all necessary information and comments just in time. Clients are also appreciate your reasonable help on place, in spite of any changes of programm and clients wishes. Whole work that we done presented you as cooperative, reliable and enthusiastic specialist.

We express you our sincere gratitude and appreciation for effective cooperation. We believe in developing of our business and friendly relations. And hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

Kristina Ivanova, Top Service, Brazil Clients Director



Thank you for all you did! Everything went so well! We had a fantastic week – thank you so much!

Thank you from me for making this event run so smoothly. 

Lesley, Cisco UK,   Business Development 

Eshet incentive event

Dear Tamar and Team Eshet,

Now that I am back in New York, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you, to Amnon, of course, and to the Eshet team.

I could try to enumerate all the reasons why I feel so grateful to you, but it would take too long and I might even run the risk of testing your patience.

Our 2400-plus delegates are all on Cloud Nine. No exaggeration. The feedback has been nothing short of exceptional. Words like “triumphant,” “amazing,” “incredible,” and “life-changing” have been repeatedly used to describe the experience.

I hope the day will come when we can do this again, and I hope when that day comes, you might again be our partner.

Warm regards,

David, CEO AJC