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"Israel has its attractions. It's the most dramatic country in the world. Everybody's engaged. Everybody argues. When I leave Israel, I get a little bit bored, you know?"

President Shimon Peres

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Destination: Israel

Airlines and Flying Times

You can fly to Israel from Europe, North and South America, much of Africa, and extensive parts of Asia including the Pacific Rim. Flights from Europe range from 3 to 5 hours, while non-stop flights from New York can take as little as 11 hours.


Israel is situated at the Eastern End of the Mediterranean Sea and boasts mountains, valleys, desserts and plains. It is a small country with very rich nature, which can be explored from the North to the South in one trip.


Israel has both international chains and domestically operated hotels, all offer a superior level of comfort and service, that meets the world hospitality standards.


Israel is a culinary hub, which offers a variety of cuisines for every taste. At the foundation is the Mediterranean kitchen, comprised of grilled meat, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. In Israel you will find anything from US fast food chains to fine continental restaurants.


Israel enjoys sunny and warm weather for at least 9 months. The country is rainless from early spring through late autumn. In winter, rainy spells alternate with many fine, sunny days, and little rain falls in Eilat or the Dead Sea region. Summers are sunny and hot.


All Israel’s government-licensed guides have to complete a two-year study program, as well as attend regular refresher courses. Guiding is available in all the world’s major languages, including those of the Far East.


Israel is a very safe country for traveling. Personal safety measures are predominant in the national policy, thus the country is very safe both during the day and at night, as the crime level is low. Israel is safer than most Western countries. 

Israel is exciting from the North to the South, and from the West to the East. The main tourist areas are Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, the Negev, the Dead Sea, and the Galilee.

Israel is exciting from the North to the South, and from the West to the East. The main tourist areas are Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, the Negev, the Dead Sea, and the Galilee.

Israel boasts great weather all year round, while in the summer it gets hot (30+ degrees Celsius) with mild winters (10-15 degrees Celsius). Israel offers plenty of activities and fun during any time of the year. 

Israel is a fusion of cultures, and thus cuisines. During our programs we offer you to immerse yourself into Israeli culinary experience: to taste, to cook, to enjoy.

All our programs offer  creative activities for effective team building, which in their turn result in more engaged, loyal, and high performing employees. We promote social cohesion by building fun and adventurous programs. 

Israel has become The New Silicone Valley. Many professionals visit Israel to find out how a country that can be driven from one end to another in 6 hours has become a hub for the out-of-the-box entrepreneurship. We organize special tours themed ‘The Startup Nation”, as well as include such tours into our programs.

At Eshet Incentives & Conferences we believe that the best way to experience Israel is through adventures. We organize a lot of special activities and introduce our clients to many hidden gems, such as an overnight visit to a Bedouin camp, watching the sunrise at Masada Fortress after a desert party, buggy riding in different areas of the country, a Sound & Light show in Jerusalem and many more.