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Berkley Mexico

Berkley Mexico’s Unforgettable Incentive Trip to Israel and Jordan

Berkley Mexico, a leading insurance company, sought to motivate and reward their top-performing insurance agents by organizing an exceptional incentive trip. They enlisted the expertise of Eshet Incentives & Conferences to create a memorable experience for 55 insurance agents who had demonstrated exceptional achievements.

A meticulously planned incentive trip was crafted, taking the participants on an extraordinary journey through Israel and Jordan, blending culture, adventure, relaxation, and fine dining into a seamless experience.

Commencing in Tel Aviv and Jaffa, participants were welcomed by the Mediterranean’s beauty and the intriguing blend of old and new, tradition and innovation. A memorable evening awaited them on a rooftop in the bustling flea market of Old Jaffa, introducing them to the local culture and  culinary delights.

The voyage continued with visits to Nazareth and the historically significant sites around the Sea of Galilee. At Caesarea’s archaeological park, the group enjoyed a picturesque oceanside lunch amidst ancient relics.

A high point of the trip was at the lowest place on earth – a day spent at the Dead Sea, where the group enjoyed a mud party on a private beach, floating effortlessly and applying the mineral-rich black mud. Refreshing local draft beer added to the unforgettable experience.

The journey then led to Ein Gedi and Masada, offering participants insights into the region’s rich history and awe-inspiring landscapes.

The Israel leg of the trip ended in Jerusalem, where the group was provided with the opportunity to delve into the city’s spirituality and history by traversing the Via Dolorosa, experiencing a mass in the mystical Gethsemane Cathedral, and savoring the breathtaking views over wine and cheese on Notre Dame’s rooftop before the grand farewell dinner.

The success of this incentive trip had a profound impact on the insurance agents and their loyalty to Berkley Mexico. The agents returned home invigorated, motivated, and deeply appreciative of the company’s commitment to their well-being and recognition of their hard work.

This success story serves as a testament to the power of well-planned incentive trips in driving motivation, fostering loyalty, and rewarding exceptional performance. 

Eshet Incentives & Conferences continues to be a trusted partner for companies seeking to create unforgettable experiences for their teams, clients, and partners.