Bidvest 2009


Bidvest 2009

Bidvest is a South American services, trading, and distribution company.

Participants: 420.
Duration: 7 Nights in Tel Aviv.

Bidvest chose Israel for their annual conference, bringing over 400 top managers and sales winners with the goal to reveal Israel’s history and culture.

The aim was to create a bespoke itinerary, which will be remembered by the team for a lifetime.
The group stayed at the Tel Aviv Hilton hotel for 7 nights and enjoyed a variety of activities:

  • A 2 day conference with a variety of coffee breaks.
  • A full day tour of Jerusalem including lunch with Israel’s President Shimon Peres.
  • A full day tour of the Dead Sea, including The Mud Festival and an amazing Bedouin Party in the desert.
  • A welcome Market Party at the Tel Aviv Port with authentic merchants from the Carmel Market and a folklore group.
  • Dining in 12 different gourmet restaurants in Tel Aviv.
  • An amazing dance party at Ronit Farm.
  • A shopping tour of Tel Aviv.