Bidvest 2015


Bidvest 2015

Participants: 110 top managers from 8 countries.
Duration: 3 nights in Ritz Carlton, Herzliya; 2 nights in Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem.

The goal of this program was to offer the top management team a variety of unique activities and to impress them by Israel. The program included team building activities, which took place in Old Jaffa.

  • Daily conference at the hotel.
  • Opening session at Rabin Center with Mayor Rudi Giuliani, who flew to Israel for 24 hours to attend this event.
  • Welcome dinner at the amazing Topolopompo Asian restaurant in Tel Aviv.
  • Team building competition of constructing children bicycles, donating them after to kids in need.
  • Festive culinary event at Seven Club in Tel Aviv with chef Shitrit cooking in front of the guests.
  • Various special dinners in 4 of Tel Aviv’s best Chef restaurant’s.
  • Tour of Jerusalem and Bethlehem in 6 different routes in small buses.
  • Night visit of the Western Wall and its tunnels.

The group enjoyed a Market Party at Olmaya venue overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem with authentic food, dancers and a show by a famous mentalist Saul Singer, a co-author of “Israel Start Up Nation” book.

Eshet Incentives & Conferences received great feedback by Bidvest about this event, exceeding all their expectations.