Hiking tours

israel national trail

Israel is a hikers paradise, with endless marked trails suitable for all levels of hikers, of various durations, and across countless landscapes from northern green hills to southern deserts. We offer hiking guides that will enhance your experience and make it unforgettable.

Kayaking tours

Rafting TRIP DMC Israel

Kayaking and rafting are great activities for steamy summer days, considering that the waters flowing down the rivers are quite chilly. This activity is a blast for adventure lovers.

Horse riding tours

Horse Riding Tour

Horse rising is a unique way to explore Israel. At Eshet Incentives & Conference we organize a variety of horse riding tours suitable for riders of all levels and no prior horseback riding experience is necessary. The tours take place in different locations throughout Israel.



Sandboarding is a wonderful experience, memories of which will last a lifetime. We offer desert surfing tours in the Negev desert. Sandboarding is a board sport, similar to surfing, but involves catching some ‘dunes’ instead of waves.

Bike tours

Bike Tour Tel Aviv

Explore the white city by bike, just as locals do. Tel Aviv is a busy city, thus experiencing it by bicycle with a tour guide can reveal many special locales and exotic corners.  

Deep desert trips

DSCF scaled

Israel is famous for its deserts, being a country that was built on a desert and grew into a beautiful, advanced and prosperous state. We organize authentic desert tours, where you can have camel rides, meet Bedouins and taste their traditional food and coffee, as well as enjoy some breathtaking sites like Mizpe Ramon.

Razor quad trips

Razor Quad Trips

We organize razor quad trips throughout the country, just pick the region you would like to explore and embark on this extreme and dusty adventure. Razor trips offer a great opportunity to explore the hills of Ramat HaGolan, the shores of the Dead Sea, and valleys of the Galilee.

Tornado & Comando boat trips

Tornado & Comando Boat Trips in the Herzliya marina

Your yacht will set sail in the beautiful Herzliya Marina. Enjoy a fun and fast experience on a sailing adventure on a Tornado or Comando boat. The boats are available year-round and every day of the week, covered in cold or rainy weather. You will be accompanied by a guide. Tubes, snacks, and music will […]