Berkley Mexico

Berkley Mexico’s Unforgettable Incentive Trip to Israel and Jordan Berkley Mexico, a leading insurance company, sought to motivate and reward their top-performing insurance agents by organizing an exceptional incentive trip. They enlisted the expertise of Eshet Incentives & Conferences to create a memorable experience for 55 insurance agents who had demonstrated exceptional achievements. A meticulously […]

Nissan Spain Group

Exploring the Vibrant Tastes and Sounds of Israel At a Glance 6 Days 70 participants Cultural, historical and gastronomic exploration of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv 1-day Conference with top Israeli innovating startups and mobility tech groups In early summer, an exceptional journey awaited the 70 best-selling Nissan dealers from Spain as they embarked on a […]

Bidvest 2009

Bidvest is a South American services, trading, and distribution company. Participants: 420.Duration: 7 Nights in Tel Aviv. Bidvest chose Israel for their annual conference, bringing over 400 top managers and sales winners with the goal to reveal Israel’s history and culture. The aim was to create a bespoke itinerary, which will be remembered by the […]

Banco Daycoval 2014

Banco Daycoval

Daycoval is a leading Brazil-based bank that provides personal and corporate banking services. Participants: 270.Duration: 3 nights in Tel Aviv; 4 nights in Jerusalem. Daycoval Bank chose Israel for their annual incentive tour for the bank employees and major clients. The goal was to organize a unique program, that consisted of special itineraries. The RFP was […]

Qualcomm Conference 2013

Eshet event dmc Tel Aviv

Qualcomm creates intellectual property, semiconductors, software, and services related to wireless technology. Participants: 250 delegates.Duration: A full day conference in Tel Aviv. The goal of this program was to organize a high tech industry event, where Qualcomm top management will be able to meet leading Israeli entrepreneurs for investment opportunities. The conference took place at the […]

Bidvest 2015


Participants: 110 top managers from 8 countries.Duration: 3 nights in Ritz Carlton, Herzliya; 2 nights in Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem. The goal of this program was to offer the top management team a variety of unique activities and to impress them by Israel. The program included team building activities, which took place in Old Jaffa. Daily conference at […]

Tupperware Brazil 2017

Massda trip fun dmc

Tupperware is an American multinational multi-level marketing company, focusing on kitchen and household products. Participants: 380.Duration: 5 nights in Jerusalem. Tupperware Brazil chose Israel as a destination for a trip for their best sales agents, as a benefit for their outstanding performance.The goal was to reward the employees with a memorable program. The group stayed at the Waldorf […]

WSB Super Trip 2019

Gala event DMC Israel

World System Builder is a community of financial professionals on a mission to deliver the best financial education and revolutionize the financial service industry. Participants: 4,976 winners that came in 3 different groups back to back.Duration: 3 nights in Tel Aviv; 3 nights in Jerusalem. The participants booked their own flights and arrived in 142 different flights […]

Brotherhood 2017

Brotherhood scaled

Brotherhood Insurance is an American insurance company primarily serving churches and related institutions. Participants: 280 persons that came in 3 different groups.Date: 2 groups during June and 1 during October, 2017.Duration: 3 nights in Tiberias; 4 nights in Jerusalem. The participants went straight to the hotel in Tiberias, the Galei Kinereth hotel on the shores of the Sea […]

Omni Life 2019


Omnilife is a Guadalajara-based multi-level marketing company that distributes dietary supplements. Participants: 3,342 winners that came as one group.Duration: 7 days /6 nights in Jerusalem. The participants arrived from Mexico and 12 other countries in South America with 16 different flights within 48 hours and went straight to 12 hotels in Jerusalem. They were welcomed inside the […]