COVID 19 safety protocol

The health and safety of our guests has always been at the forefront of everything we do at Eshet Incentive & Conferences 

You will have seen that over the years in the way we have responded to past incidents of crisis. Safety first. Always. 

That shall never be compromised.

Israel is the world leader overcoming the Covid with over 85% of its population over 16 years old being vaccinated.

We are proud to probably have been one of the first companies in Israel to have adopted WTTC Global Protocols for Safe Travel. In fact, we

 have spent a considerable amount of time to create our own very comprehensive manual for ensuring Post-Covid travel to our region is


These not only cover the obvious areas of hotels, airports and transport but also cover areas that we will directly control such as employee

 safety, our offices, guest ambassadors, and more. We have comprehensive checklist prepared for the front-line to ensure we cover

 everything logically possible.

Our commitment towards our guest’s safety is guaranteed in everything we do. 

We are ready to welcome our guest with same enthusiasm we have always had, with the addition of improved safety standards for the new 


Our team is here to support you in any way to make the return to tourism an easy one.

At Eshet Incentives & Conferences the safety of our guests, partners and staff remains our number 1 priority. 

Therefore, in line with global healthcare guidelines we have developed the following code of conduct for all of partners and clients. 

Safe Travels