COVID 19 safety protocol


At Eshet Incentives & Conferences the safety of our guests, partners and staff remains our number 1 priority. Therefore, in line with global healthcare guidelines we have developed the following code of conduct for all of partners and clients. 

Eshet Incentives & Conferences commits to the following:

Overall and Overreaching 

  • We have researched and implemented both global health and our local government best practice rules and protocols and will ensure that they are implemented and enforced during your entire stay with us. 
  • We work collaboratively with industry partners, hotels, transport providers and other service providers to ensure we stay up to date with the latest best practice protocols and to be aware of each suppliers’ actions and requirements.   
  • We will share with participants in advance of arrival guidelines from our local and health authorities, so you know what to expect and what to comply with on entry.
  • We will make your safety, health and security our paramount concern whilst you are in our destination.

FAM Trip and Site Inspection 

  • Any fam trips and site inspections undertaken in person will be conducted according to all social distancing guidelines and protocols expected and with due care to your person(s).
  • This may include conducting visits in larger vehicles and with staff wearing the necessary PPE.
  • We offer to conduct site inspections with you virtually, should you wish, or if your country restrictions will not allow you to visit us in person.


We will:

  • Implement any health/temperature checks if required by legislation.
  • Inform all guests of the guidelines of physical distancing and supply reasonable ‘reminders’ and enhanced signage at appropriate times and places.
  • Limit the social interaction and possible queuing wherever appropriate of arrivals, checking in etc.

We recommend:

  • The use of face masks for as long as required as per risk-based approach.
  • Supplying approved disinfecting products at sanitation stations made available to participants in the form of alcohol-based or hypochlorous acid water hand sanitiser as appropriate throughout the venue based on high-traffic areas. We can provide or make available for purchase additional individual disinfecting products for the group.

Staff and Guides 

  • Any staff in attendance will have been vetted to ensure they are fit and clear to work on your programme.
  • Staff and guides will have been trained with, and can explain if required or asked, the tools and information necessary regarding infection control, physical distancing, interactions with guests and enhanced hygiene measures including hand washing and sanitising, the mandatory use of masks and gloves as recommended by local health authorities etc.

Arrival and Transportation 

  • We will share with you details of your transfers and how to take them, certain restrictions may be in place e.g. Drivers are not allowed to open doors or touch your luggage.  
  • Meet and Greet teams will be in place to welcome your groups respecting local physical distancing and contact recommendations – they will also have created a sign system to help guiding you to transfers without contact.
  • All vehicles used will have been sanitized appropriately prior to your use.
  • Seating will be physically spaced to keep with local recommendation, or to the preference you are comfortable with for your group.
  • Drivers and any team or support members on board will wear masks and gloves.

Hotel and Accomodation 

We work with your hotel(s) to ensure and check that they:

  • Comply with the local legislation across the board.
  • Have implemented processes focused on enhanced sanitation, disinfection and deep cleaning practices as well as increase their cleaning/disinfection frequency if appropriate.
  • Have issued specialist guidance to the cleaning team for all areas of the hotel including guestrooms, washrooms, lifts/elevators, fitness clubs and common areas with a specific focus on high-frequency touch points such as room key cards, light switches, and door handles.
  • Remind guests of the requirements on physical distancing throughout the common areas with signage and guidelines.

Activities and tours

We will:

  • Advise on the limits and capacities for all excursions, activities and culture trips such as museums that are part of your programme, and will adapt accordingly.
  • Arrange to the best of our ability your group participation according to these rules to lessen impact and maximise your (shared) enjoyment.
  • Book tickets and arrange entrance in advance – always whenever possible electronically.
  • Be mindful of specific physical distancing rule in the venue or activity.

Restaurant and food

We will:

  • Use only restaurants with an enhanced cleaning policy (including thorough clean down after any guest has vacated tables).
  • Look to ensure hand sanitiser is available on entry.
  • Avoid buffets to limit any guest handling of food.
  • Adhere to the restaurant’s capacity limit.
  • Implement physical distancing rules through table spacing and guest seating with suitable reinforcement.
  • Minimise what is placed on guest tables and provide mono-packaged items if feasible.


We recommend at this time you consider not dispensing gifts and room-drops, but should you wish to treat your group and guests, we can work with you and our supplier network to ensure this is done safely and in accordance with our legislation.

The safety, well-being and enjoyment of your group is paramount to all of us at Eshet Incentives & Conferences.