Nissan Spain Group


Nissan Spain Group

Exploring the Vibrant Tastes and Sounds of Israel

At a Glance

  • 6 Days
  • 70 participants
  • Cultural, historical and gastronomic exploration of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
  • 1-day Conference with top Israeli innovating startups and mobility tech groups

In early summer, an exceptional journey awaited the 70 best-selling Nissan dealers from Spain as they embarked on a six-day incentive trip to Israel, commemorating Nissan’s 90 years of automotive excellence. This exclusive adventure promised an exploration of innovation and mobility technology, a delectable gastronomic experience, and a harmonious fusion of Spanish and Israeli music. With meticulous planning, the group set off to embrace the best that Israel had to offer, immersing themselves in the nation’s rich culture and culinary delights.

Upon arriving in Jerusalem, the Nissan Spain Group was greeted with awe-inspiring views of Mount Scopus, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey. The first evening commenced with a private dinner atop the historic Notre Dame Jerusalem Hotel, offering panoramic vistas of the mystical Old City.

As the group delved deeper into the four neighborhoods within the walls of the Old City, they were entranced by the sights, aromas, and sounds of spiritual, religious, and historical landmarks, alongside vibrant spice and textile markets. Gastronomy and history intertwined as the group indulged in traditional Armenian cuisine, an exquisite introduction to the diverse flavors of the region.

Their Jerusalem experience continued with an array of culinary delights, including local chefs demonstrating the art of blending traditional and contemporary Israeli dishes. A unique biblical cuisine dinner transported them back in time, connecting the present with the ancient past. The culinary journey culminated in a private outdoor dinner at the iconic Tower of David, where the soulful tunes of a saxophone set the mood. The evening concluded with a mesmerizing light and sound show on the historic walls of the Citadel, capturing the essence of Jerusalem’s rich heritage.

Next, the group ventured to the bustling coastal city of Tel Aviv, where they participated in a conference featuring presentations and Q&A sessions by top innovating startups and mobility technology groups in Israel. The conference provided a valuable platform for Nissan Spain to explore potential collaborations and stay ahead of the curve in the automotive industry, further solidifying their ties with the Israeli innovation ecosystem.

As twilight descended, the spirit of unity and harmony soared with a Spanish music band specially flown in for the event. They masterfully fused familiar Spanish melodies with unique Israeli settings, creating an enthralling symphony that resonated with the group’s hearts.

The final leg of the journey led the Nissan Spain Group to explore diverse neighborhoods, including the charming Neve Tzedek and the historic Jaffa, accompanied by the stunning Mediterranean beaches. Among the lively streets, they were captivated by the breathtaking performance of Mayumana, who blended music, rhythm, and dance in their enchanting “Batokada” show. A sensorial cocktail reception followed, immersing the group in a celebration of art, music, and innovation.

Eshet Incentive & Conferences took great pride in hosting the Nissan Spain Group on their adventure in Israel, ensuring a remarkable journey of cultural immersion, gastronomic delights, and technological exploration. As the group returned to Spain, they carried with them a newfound appreciation for Israel’s rich heritage, innovation, and spirit of unity. The trip also fostered a stronger sense of appreciation, commitment, and camaraderie within their workplace and among their peers, forging lasting memories that would inspire their future endeavors.