Omni Life 2019


Omni Life 2019

Omnilife is a Guadalajara-based multi-level marketing company that distributes dietary supplements.

Participants: 3,342 winners that came as one group.
Duration: 7 days /6 nights in Jerusalem.

The participants arrived from Mexico and 12 other countries in South America with 16 different flights within 48 hours and went straight to 12 hotels in Jerusalem. They were welcomed inside the arrival hall at special hospitality desks. It’s the second time Omni Life is choosing Jerusalem for their Incentive trip. They stayed in Jerusalem for 6 nights and joined tours to the Dead Sea and Masada, the Galilee and Bethlehem. They all attended a private Mass at the Church of The Annunciation in Nazareth, and took part in an Award Ceremony and Market Place dinner at the Tel Aviv Expo.
In Jerusalem, they also experienced a traditional Shabbat Friday night dinner, with a choir that sang Jewish chants. This group used 80 busses and 80 Spanish speaking guides as well as 40 hospitality staff members. This was the second-largest Incentive ever to visit Israel

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