Shalvata Beach Bar

Located at the Tel Aviv Port, Shalvata offers a variety of possibilities for everyone; scrumptious breakfasts, a sunset cocktail, a romantic evening, or a late-night burger and beer at the bar. Under the shade of the straw parasols, Shalvata is separated into different sections which allow you to choose the right ambiance for the event. The different sections offer seating areas at all heights, bar stools facing the sea, a low seating area, and regular seating. This way, you may choose the required ambiance depending on the nature of your guests: from cocktails around the bar to formal table seating. The clean design aesthetic of the White and Blue merging with the sand inlets inspires an atmosphere of tranquility, relaxation, and fun.

Min no of pax: 80
Max no of pax: 200

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