WSB Super Trip 2019


WSB Super Trip 2019

World System Builder is a community of financial professionals on a mission to deliver the best financial education and revolutionize the financial service industry.

Participants: 4,976 winners that came in 3 different groups back to back.
Duration: 3 nights in Tel Aviv; 3 nights in Jerusalem.

The participants booked their own flights and arrived in 142 different flights within 36 hours and went straight to 22 hotels in Tel -Aviv and Jerusalem.

They were welcomed in the arrival hall by special hospitality desks. The guests stayed for 3 nights in each city and toured Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with optional tours to the Dead Sea and Masada, the Galilee and Bethlehem.
Each group of 1650 guests had the farewell dinner in Jerusalem at the amazing Hinnom Valley outside the Old City Walls. This was followed by an elegant dinner with an opera singer and Israel Folklore Dance group. The Mayor of Jerusalem greeted each group.

WSB was the largest Gala Dinner ever held in Israel.

This group used 100 buses and guides as well as 80 hospitality staff members. In Jerusalem the guest had an opportunity to experience a traditional Sabbath dinner, with a choir that sang Jewish chants.
This was the largest incentive ever to visit Israel.